Profits, passion, purpose

This has been a highlight of this second day at LeWeb 2009.

Tony Hsieh, CEO,, blew away the crowd this morning at LeWeb with an inspiring speech about meaning/purpose and happiness. A long applause followed his presentation.

Sebastien compiled a write-up of Tony’s talk here, some tasty bits on the real success factors in business today.

Zappos _ profits, passion, purpose

Citing from him again, go to his post for a more elaborate list, highlighting by me:

  • Hsieh says Zappos takes most of the money they would have invested in marketing and invests it in customer experience
  • The corporate culture is the number one priority. Zappos hires for culture […]
  • They worry about customer happiness, employee happiness, vendor happiness
  • What separates great from good companies? Culture: committable core values […]
  • Everyone should take a step back and ask what is your goal in life and the reasons why it’s your goal? and then you should ask why you answered that? and try it again.
  • […] Meaning / higher purpose is the most sustainable way to reach happiness
  1. […] Profits, passion, purpose – on Zappo’s Tony Hsieh’s talk (also check out Andrea’s video of the talk). I am saying that he’s been my highlight today, but I have to correct myself. Gary Vaynerchuk tops him right now. […]