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Designing for Flexibility

Jeffrey Phillips calls for more adaptive structures ready for business model innovation … [we need to] create a corporate culture and bureaucracy that enables reorganization rather than inhibits or constricts it […] if it seems likely that rapid change and tough competition are likely, why not create an organization that is more nimble and can […]

Facharbeit zu Google

Via Bernd Röthlingshöfer bin ich auf Christoph Hörls Facharbeit zu Google aufmerksam geworden. Er schreibt: Wer in gut verständlicher und knapper Form mal wissen möchte, wer hinter Google steckt, was der Page Rank ist oder was es mit der 20-Prozent-Klausel auf sich hat, dem ist die Lektüre sehr zu empfehlen. Stimmt, vor allem der erste […]

Producing Open Source Software

Via Soulsoup: “Everything you wanted to know about Producing Open Source Software, from economic-political-business context to copyright issues via successful strategies to implement a good project plan and links to tons of free resources, you can get it all here”: Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel: Producing Open Source Software is a book about […]

Business Model of Business Schools is Changing

Interesting blog post and article on how the business models at business schools are changing. Notice that what is lacking is a comprehension, a holistic view of the complexities of modern organizations: […] the task of achieving cross-functional coordination and providing students with a cross-functional perspective on organizations is very difficult indeed. What you get […]