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Technology will allow us to become digital nomads

via Technology pundit Mike Elgan says we’re evolving a new paradigm for the workplace as technology makes it easier for white collar workers to engage in location-independent employment. These “digital nomads” will be able to travel the world or go to locations where there are partners or customers for both personal reasons and on […]

Conference write-ups

Not exactly fitting the mould of crazy diagrams, yet a proof how far we can go with pencils and paper: visual notes provided for LIFT France ’09 conference by Philippe Méda. This is a whole new category of value-adding conference notes …

Earmarked innovation podcasts

DE: Links zu einigen kürzlich gefundenen Podcasts rund um Innovationsthemen Some newly found and earmarked innovation podcasts, starting with the Forrester Information & Knowledge Management podcast (RSS), then a Swiss radio podcast and to finish a Business Week Innovation of the week Good Strategic Planning Will Outlast A Downturn, Don’t Cut Here (mp3) Rob Koplowitz […]

Business thinking plus design thinking ends up being far more powerful

The design thinking meme is raging on, now there’s an article in the New York Times called “Design is more than packaging“. It’s good to see it in the Business section (remember 2005? BusinessWeek titled Tomorrow’s B-School? It Might Be A D-School) and I like the nice pragmatic end quote: “It would be overreaching to […]

Google Reader explained

Now, I am more of a Bloglines person (no, that’s not me there), but still the newest work by Saachi and Lee of Commoncraft is nice:

Digital Nomads

Steve Rubel reflects on the growing independence of knowledge workers in the network economy and sees the rise of “digital nomads”: If you spend as much time on the road as I do, you’re likely to run into Digital Nomads. This sector of the workforce includes both independents and corporate workers. They use web-based tools […]

Open notebook science

On Science Blogging, in IT Conversations: Jean-Claude Bradley, an associate professor of chemistry at Drexel University, is a pioneering practitioner of open notebook science. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, Bradley explains to host Jon Udell that he believes scientific research happens better and faster when the entire process is transparently narrated online (mp3).