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Innovation hurdles …

Chuck Frey on a new study on ‘innovation champions’ in corporations and research facilities, who claim that their biggest trouble is to find time to work on their ideas (anyone thinking about Googles 70/20/10-rule now? or about innovative ways to enhance knowledge worker productivity?).

More peeks at innovation

Notes to myself, part II, via Mike Gotta: two articles relevant to those involved in a variety of initiatives related to improving informal learning, collaboration, knowledge management, social computing and innovation Ambidexterity as a Dynamic Capability: Resolving the Innovator’s Dilemma by Charles O’Reilly and Michael Tushman: How do organizations survive in the face of change? […]

Let’s welcome the new blog on the block …

… called NEXT Innovation Tools & Trends, see here at BusinessWeek: What comes next? BusinessWeek Innovation Editors Jessi Hempel and Helen Walters chronicle new tools for creativity and collaboration, innovation case studies in both the corporate and social sectors, and the new ideas that have the power to change the way things have always been […]

More on the CNBC Business of Innovation special

Just a short reminder that CNBC is continuing to air their five-part Business of Innovation special as I’ve reported here. Episode two was particularly interesting from a business model innovation point of view, observing that even in the same business ecosystem, i.e. industry, there are companies that seem to get it while others (with similar […]

Tuning Innovation DNA

Umair’s at it again, slapping Yahoo! (see here for BMID-content on Yahoo’s innovation culture, Brickhouse etc.) Yahoo doesn’t need a Brickhouse (aka skunkworks). Contrast Yahoo with Google. Google doesn’t just have one Brickhouse – it has thousands. That’s the net effect of management innovations Google has pioneered, which give people the space to play, experiment, […]

How Firms can Reap the Rewards of Innovation

Knowledge at Wharton has a podcast interview (and an edited version of the transcript) with Harold Sirkin, who is senior VP at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation. One concern is how to apply process to innovation, and preparing so the payback, i.e. the financial return that validates new […]

HBR IdeaCast on Innovation Traps

HBR IdeaCast features Rosabeth Moss Kanter on innovation traps (well, you know them all, they’re rather old, but persistent and they still put your innovation efforts at peril …). Here’s the podcast by HBS, i.e. IdeaCast. Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter talks with Harvard Business Review’s Cathy Olofson about innovation and some of […]