Squid Labs: Multiple Focuses on Projects

Interesting article in Wired, on a small company named Squid Labs. which bills itself as “a design firm that does differential equations” and which thrives on intellectual capital …

notice this

Squid Labs projects together feels more like jazz. Griffith explains the ethos that ties their seemingly disparate projects together is one of working around and finding new ways to interpret the physical world

On what Squid Labs is about:

“We’re an incubator, in the business of … reinventing other people’s industries.”
[…] some projects as works for hire for other corporations and some spinning out of Squid Labs to become their own companies

and on focus:

Ultimately it will be multiple focuses and resources as appropriate (to the particular project) […] experimenting with a business model at the same time as with new technology. It’s something you’re told not to do.”

Read more in Wired

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