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Twizzied …

Let me introduce you to my next car (pleasepleaseplease, let me win the LeWeb contest lottery) – the Renault Twizy, picture by Stephanie Booth, our caring blogger program photoprovider đŸ˜‰ For more information on electric zero-emission cars (business model innovation issues, yes – design issues, no) see the live-blogged notes in this embedded wave at frogpond:

Igniting at LeWeb 2010

Lots of inspiration in the Ignite part of LeWeb day 1, this format is challenging for people my age, it’s fast paced but very inspirational. Some waved notes and remarks:

Leweb Livestream

In an ideal world we’d all meet in Paris at LeWeb for drinks and talking – but if you can’t be there there’s UStream consolation:

Chromebrowsing Chromercial

No real actors were harmed in making this video đŸ˜‰

Konferenzen sind Plattformen …

… und Loic und Stephanie erklären hier das was auf dem Programm steht: Auch die LeWeb ist eine Plattform – für Gespräche, Ideen und Menschen (aus Start-ups oder auch nicht). Und morgen geht es los, heute steht nur das Vortreffen behind the scenes und die Bloggerparty auf dem Peniche 68 statt. Das nur ist Absicht, […]

More people than ever are working on problems

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo. Hm, he’s optimistic because “more people than ever are working on problems” (like Clay Shirky’s cognitive surplus) – possibly leveraging a lot of creativity. Via PolkaRobot

Story of Electronics

Well, yes, it’s an externalizing costs system with little or no long-term sustainability – some business model innovation ideas are expressed, alongside regulatory ideas and call for actions.