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Phishing explained (and visually exposed, too)

Nice treat on a sunday morning – Lee has done a great job again (as always), good to see as well that the freemium model is paying out (ad supported free videos, ad-free hi-res versions for sale …)

Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin

Some notes from Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin … In the future, we’re going to see contextual-sensitive applications, for e.g. on the phone. This is also the world where things think, and it will be full of (RFID-)sensors. Jaiku is hopefully going to be an integral part of Googles phone strategy. Not much new, […]


Manifest der digitalen Demokratie | re:publica 12 tl;dr, earmarked, missed this panel ;( Embedded Link HackerPad Vue globale. Actuellement rien. Ces options afféctent tout le monde régardant le pad. Importer à partir de fichier texte, HTML, PDF, Word, ODT ou RTF. réussi! Exporter ce pad en tant que. HTML. Texte … Google+: View post on […]

nice pic and sweet 'n short article

#mythbusting #socialmedia 🙂 Embedded Link 7 Social Media Myths Exposed It’s not surprising, considering the fast-paced and often confusing nature of the social media industry, that myths and misinformation are prominent. Here are some of the most common–and the most dam… Google+: View post on Google+

depressing infographic ;P

depressing infographic ;P Embedded Link The Internet Is Ruining Your Brain [INFOGRAPHIC] Internet use is increasing exponentially, and it's taking a toll on our well-being and mental stability. Google+: View post on Google+

Bookmarks for March 19th through March 20th

These are my links for March 19th through March 20th: The Hard Science of Teamwork – Alex "Sandy" Pentland – Harvard Business Review – patterns as a way of making sense of group behaviour (and I'd say emergent phenomena galore) "People should feel empowered by the idea of a science of team building, The idea […]

Pinboard bookmarks for January 10th

Pinboard links for January 10th, syndicated automagically: Solar PV Monitoring System | OpenEnergyMonitor – Here is the documentation for a solar PV monitoring system that’s been developed as part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project. It’s based on Arduino and is fully open-source; hardware, firmware and web application. The system monitors both generation and consumption and gives […]