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Google business ecosystem

Gerade zurück vom Google Abend auf arte, da fällt mir noch dieser kleine Podcast auf, eineinhalb Minuten von CBS Inside Business (mp3). Few companies can do everything well, so they encourage others to grow up around them and fill in the gaps. Geoff Colvin reports that Google is building precisely this type of ecosystem. Nette […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Fragmented Mobile Developer Ecosystem

via Nice analysis of a space full of room for business model innovations (strategic and structural ones shine more than innovations in competencies or markets) Posted via email from stirring the frogpond

New IBM Strategy: Help Startups Capture More Business

Last summer IBM began asking their 120 venture capital partners what it would take to launch the world’s most successful initiative for helping startups capture new business. They concluded that the initiative had to be offered to startups for free, with no upsell and regardless of VC status. Add to this IBM’s preferred software, as […]

Twitter: building out the ecosystem

via Backposting on LeWeb – some notes at ReadWriteWeb on Twitter’s talk, my clippings this: “For Twitter, according to Sarver, it’s all about growing the market and building out the ecosystem [….] Coming Up: More Transparency, Improved Communication and a Business Model” Posted via web from stirring the frogpond

WebEx’s Diane Davidson: ‘We Defined a Community Ecosystem’

This looks like an interesting podcast interview by the Knowledge@Wharton team with WebEx’s Diane Davidson (mp3). When Google bought YouTube recently for $1.65 billion, the world of business sat up to take serious notice of social networks. Today, many companies are looking into how they can tap into — or develop — communities as a […]

NY Business Models

This is interesting business model innovation case material: New York Magazine has an ambitious piece that looks at 21 different organizations, and the ways they make money: The inner workings and profit mechanisms of diverse outfits (from drug dealing to the city government …) are explored in The Profit Calculator. Doing so it also looks […]

More on the CNBC Business of Innovation special

Just a short reminder that CNBC is continuing to air their five-part Business of Innovation special as I’ve reported here. Episode two was particularly interesting from a business model innovation point of view, observing that even in the same business ecosystem, i.e. industry, there are companies that seem to get it while others (with similar […]