More on the CNBC Business of Innovation special

Just a short reminder that CNBC is continuing to air their five-part Business of Innovation special as I’ve reported here.

Episode two was particularly interesting from a business model innovation point of view, observing that even in the same business ecosystem, i.e. industry, there are companies that seem to get it while others (with similar capabilities) struggle. And no, the easy answer that these companies are simply too stupid, narrow-minded or incapable is just that: an easy, but false answer to a complex question …

Anyway, coming up with a unified theory of innovation is hard, if not impossible, so it’s perhaps a good idea to explore the innovation landscape from a lot of different views. So I encourage you to have a look at the online video files of the show (here’s number three “New Tricks & Old Dogs“, which looks interesting from a “corporate innovation” and change management perspective, no haven’t seen it yet).

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