Amazons services and business model innovations

amazon web servicesIT Conversations hosts a discussion with Jeff Barr, Senior Manager and Web Services Evangelist at on Amazon services, like S3, EC2 and others listed in the Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog.

Most people are very familiar with Amazon’s retail business, but the company also has a popular technology arm, Amazon Web Services, which provides developers with direct access to Amazon’s robust technology platform.

Jeff first reviews the components of Amazon Web Services, describing how the four parts work together.


the group also assesses Amazon’s business model, including the low costs to the user, coupled with the lack of firm terms of service. It is clear that it is a useful approach for both and is an example of how cooperation can lead to a successful business affiliation.

This last part is especially interesting, because it shows Amazons commitment to adaptivity and flexibility in its business approach – which is very smart given the flux of this digital economy we’re in.

Note: Some Amazons customer side (business model) innovations were treated in these posts:

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