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Identity Management – Recognition replaces attention

I don’t know, at first sight this seems like just another buzzword bingo event, but at close sight “Identity Management – Recognition replaces attention” offers several interesting speakers. Keynote speaker will be Richard Florida, while the accompanying site collects interviews with people like Mark Vanderbeeken of Experientia or Hartmut Esslinger, the founder of frog design […]

ARTE Themenabend Überwachung

Apropos Prometeus, via Teletaucher, Tipps für einen fröhlichen Fernsehabend: Das 3sat-Magazin “kulturzeit” fragt heute nach der Zukunft der Mediengesellschaft, wenn es einen Journalismus ohne Journalisten geben sollte. Im Arte-Themenabend “Wir werden alle überwacht!” geht es auch nicht viel fröhlicher zu.

Wide Open Open Source Approaches (no pun intended)

Demos’ book on open source approaches seems to be a worthwhile read … focusing on open knowledge sharing and collaborative development. The rise of the Internet has made it possible for knowledge to be created and shared in ways that emphasise its character as a common good, rather than as something to be owned. […] […]