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Pinboard bookmarks for December 20th

Pinboard links for December 20th, syndicated automagically: Stop talking about “social” » THINK OUTSIDE IN – while we're moving from connecting people to information to connecting people to people …. social is also about noise-signal filtering, in our information environment. Social circles can add value only if we power them with our time and passion […]

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tagging this with #socialsoftware+advantages #socialsoftware+arenas #socialbusiness #socialbusinessdesign #knowledgework #activitystreams #presentation AND #headshift 😉 Embedded Link Social Intranets in Social Business Keynote talk from the 2011 Interact Intranet Conference in London Google+: View post on Google+

Pinboard bookmarks for October 31st

Pinboard links for October 31st, syndicated automagically: Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture • Intense Minimalism – Social Experience Design with elements of business, strategy and change management How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk | TechSource – The Show Don’t Tell policy also applies […]