Earmarked #organizationalpathologies and #ohmyitstrue "McGill University management…

Earmarked #organizationalpathologies and #ohmyitstrue "McGill University management professor, Henry Mintzberg has been extensively studying, teaching, writing, and consulting on management effectiveness, strategy formulation, and planning since 1968. His book, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning, reports on the exhaustive research and thinking he’s been doing on this popular management technique.

In a passage on neurotic and compulsive management he writes, “above all, the machine organization (what I call Technomanagement)…is obsessed with control, first of the workers, but everyone else after that…all this is done to ensure the stability of the operations and the smooth functioning of the bureaucratic machine.” He concludes that the biggest reason strategic planning doesn’t work stems from “the planning school’s grand fallacy: Because analysis is not synthesis, strategic planning is not strategy formulation (his emphasis)…ultimately the term strategic planning has proved to be an oxymoron.”

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