Bookmarks for November 24th through November 25th

These are my links for November 24th through November 25th:

  • walkaround – Wave on App Engine – Google Project Hosting – Walkaround is a variant of Wave, based on the Apache Wave code base, that runs on App Engine. Walkaround can import waves from to allow users to keep working with their data regardless of the future of (The import feature is still experimental.)

    Much of the walkaround code is not specific to Wave, but factored out as a separate, more general collaboration layer that manages shared live objects. These objects can be modified by multiple clients at the same time, with changes made by any client immediately broadcast to all others. The Wave application is built on top of this, but the live collaboration layer is flexible enough to support other applications. See the design overview.

    Walkaround supports live concurrent rich-text editing, in-line replies, user avatars, wave gadgets, attachments, and we are working on integrating App Engine's full text search service. For now, it does not support Wave robots, federation, or private replies, but these features could be added.

  • Graham Hill: Less Stuff, More Happiness, Video – makes the case for taking up less space, and showcases compact living spaces, while demonstrating cost savings and lifestyle living alternatives

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