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What matters now

Seth Godin asked a group of people to provide ideas – resulting in a +80 pages pdf, which you can download at his blog (or here, it’s a pdf called “What matters now”). Everyone of them designed a page on what they’re pondering, tweaking and thinking about: Hmm, well, let’s see if big thoughts and […]

Desire lines – powerful metaphor for emergence

via “the desire line — trails worn into a landscape that demonstrate the paths people want to take, not those that were laid down by the designer” Peter Merholz lays out some great, yet small in volume, thoughts on emergence, the need for nimble design (and adptiveness – be it in terms of business […]

Is the age of big ideas over?

Nice, Chris Anderson and Alain de Botton discuss “why ‘big ideas’ often get stuck and why we need to get out of our normal routine to let our imagination flow”. Get the podcast at BBC Radio 4’s “iPM: Share What You Know” – Is the age of big ideas over? (mp3), and find a transcript […]

Stumbled on some podcasts …

Long list – but you’ve got time on a weekend, don’t you? Jon Udell speaks to Ledeen and Lewis (blog), co-authors of Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion, reflecting on the rapid and sweeping changes internet technologies bring (mp3). BusinessWeek Columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say that Web Age […]