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Die Kunst des Kontrollverlusts …

… ist der Titel des Eintrags in dem Mark Pohlmann dankenswerterweise (natürlich auch ans Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut!) seinen Beitrag für das aktuelle Heft von GDI-Impuls zur Verfügung (pdf) stellt: Im Internet haben die Unternehmen längst die Meinungshoheit über ihre Marken verloren. Wollen sie diese wiedergewinnen, benötigen sie «Mavens», eine Mischung aus Experten und Meinungsführern. Die […]

Complexity quote again

Via Euan Semple this quote by Dave Snowden: The only way to manage a complex environment is to apply simple rules. If you apply complex rules to a complex environment you end up with a mess.

The real agenda in boring meetings

This is rather old, but interesting anyway, via Ken Thompson’s blog. “boring” business meetings are actually producing extraordinary levels of imagination and energy, according to a survey of excuses, bad habits and what participants muse about when their minds drift off This definitely calls for better preparation and execution of meetings, that too often go […]

Update on the 180º Academy

Putting people first has more information on 18o°Academy, so add this to my short entry. BTW, nice to see, that Richard Pascale, author of “Surfing the Edge of Chaos”, and who always highlighted the importance of emergence in organisations, is teaching change management – or as they put it: Transformation Management.

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Boston’s MIT has a new Center for Collective Intelligence: While people have talked about collective intelligence for decades, new communication technologies—especially the Internet—now allow huge numbers of people all over the planet to work together in new ways. The recent successes of systems like Google and Wikipedia suggest that the time is now ripe for […]

New Content Technologies and Models

Interesting entry on how simple tools (like Blogging or Wikis) have complex behavior in a rapidly evolving ecosystem … read more at Ross Mayfield’s Weblog

Guns, Games, and Style

Short article by Kevin Werbach on behalf of BusinessWeek on, well, kind of user-centered innovation: Want a sneak peek of tomorrow’s technology? Look to generals, gamers, and fashionistas, where the real innovations will come from Interesting how he views the big and huge organization military as kind of hothouse and testbed for innovation, I do […]