Bookmarks for April 7th through April 8th

These are my links for April 7th through April 8th:

  • Why Collaboration Often Fails and What to Do About It. | IdeaEconomy.Net – Big Ideas: Collaboration and creativity are big buzz words now but most businesses don’t really know how to collaborate or be creative. Collaborative efforts often produce mediocre results because ego gets in the way. A great team can produce amazing results, but finding those team members is not an easy task.
  • The Biggest Mistake You (Probably) Make with Teams – Tammy Erickson – Harvard Business Review – Love this article…for a number of reasons. Most teams I have been on have done exactly what the author describes; the objective is clearly defined while individual roles are fluid. Sometimes things went well; sometimes they didn't…and what I have noticed most is that whether or not "things went well" was largely dependent upon the team members' relationships with one another and respect for each other's expertise.
  • MAKE | Arduino Ambient Temperature Display – This is a really simple ambient display for temperature using an Arduino, an RGB backlight LCD, and a temperature sensor. The LCD displays the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and adjusts the color of the backlight depending on the reading. An ideal range is set at 61F to 67F. If the temperature is in this range the backlight will change green. Above this range and the color will change red, below the range it will change blue.
  • A simple project to get you started with the Android ADK – Hack a Day – Android phones/tablets/media players are so cheap at that maybe it is time to start using them as user interfaces to our projects. I mean, glue one to your project and have touch screen UI with graphics display.. 🙂
  • Discovergy : Start – Werden Sie Kunde bei Discovergy und leben Sie in der schönen Gewißheit, daß Sie nie mehr zu viel für Ihren Strom bezahlen müssen – und lernen Sie gleichzeitig, der Umwelt etwas Gutes zu tun, indem Sie den CO2-Ausstoß Ihres Haushalts dauerhaft senken.

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