Next Conference 2010


I am not sure if I can make it then – but the mission sounds just right:

The motto for the next conference is Game Changers. Game Changers break rules and redefine business models. They are innovative and take risks, free from the burdens of mass marketing and mainstream. Companies that change the game bet on disruptive innovations to create new products and services, they don’t leave it at continuous improvement of the present.

Well, web-based tech is playing an important role here and I am all fans for tech induced game changes, yet I wonder if social innovators that tweak, rattle and change established societal “business models” fall under this mission too?

  1. I booked my tickets for next10 already. Contemplating to do a talk. Even though I am not really happy to see it relocated to Berlin. Hamburg I could do by car on the day itself, Berlin means staying over.

  2. For me it’s basically easier to come to Berlin, due to all those cheap carriers. Plus, Berlin is more interesting as a town (but I probably shouldn’t say that so loud in here 😉