Googley intranet

Via Beu blog and Philipp come insights into how Google manages projects and communication internally, with a twist on Googles intranet and the applications employed, characterized by all kinds of collaboration and web 2.0 features.

The presentation by Google followed an employee through his first few weeks at the company, explaining the many tools he’s using: from the Google intranet MOMA, the Google Ideas site and Google Caribou Alpha, to Google Experts Search, “Googler Search,” and Google Apps

Here’s the archived screencast, Brian has an extensive write-up with good observations, like e.g.

“Innovation = Discovery + Collaboration” all over “(+Fun!)”. Bottom line, by allowing Googlers creative latitude to solve problems it’s easy to see why Googlers enjoy collaborating and why innovation just seems to happen at Google.

and notes on Googles resource allocation rules (Sergey’s that is) – explained with percentages: 70% on standard stuff, 20% on new stuff, and 10% on “out there” items ..

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