Where Does Strategic Innovation Come From?

HBR IdeaCast number 80 sounds interesting again: “Where Does Strategic Innovation Come From?” with guest George Stalk of BCG, and now author of 5 Future Strategies You Need Right Now, a new book in the Harvard Business Press Memo to the CEO series. I wonder if a small booklet can make that much a difference, it rather looks like a hodgepodge of different issues, but hey, if that’s what is on the mind of CxOs and can help them to figure out competitive advantages …

– Turn complexity in to a strategic advantage, how proliferating complexity, not eliminating it, can be the best way to achieve competitive advantage
– Unleashing the power of networks, how companies can compete on speed by leveraging their value network
– Manage information so you can get it when and how you need it
– Explore new approaches to mass production
– Make your offering more competitive by reacting to your customers’ needs and behaviours – more quickly than ever
– Navigate the changing riptides in China – while getting your business needs met

Here’s the mp3

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