The Rotman Risk Issue

Via Diego Rodriguez c/o metacool I’ve learned about the new issue of the Rotman School of Management Magazine (current pdf).

This is an immensely interesting issue. While questions of risk (management) are the main theme, it pokes much deeper from there, touching problems of human decision making, organizational pathologies and much more.

Moreover there are a number of articles there that are directly relevant for business model innovation, e.g. the one on page 14 by Adrian Slywotzky and John Drzik: “Countering the Biggest Risk of All”:

How to anticipate and manage strategic threats systematically – and in the process, turn some of them into growth opportunities.

Another one that sounds promising is called “Dancing with Strangers” by Joel Baum, Timothy Rowley, Andrew Shipilov and You-Ta Chuang:

While maintaining ties with ‘safe’ past partners stabilizes inter-organizational networks, non-local ties with ‘strangers’ can sow the seeds of network change and innovation.

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