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Embedding multiple waves into wordpress blogs

Documenting a lifehack / solution to a nagging problem is an important thing on the social web, right? So here I go with a workaround I found out – together with my friend Thorsten Zörner – to embed multiple waves into blog posts. Now where’s the problem? One can get an embed code for a […]


Updated this blog with Snap capabilities, this may add convenience for you, my dear reader. If you hover the mouse over a link, there’s this little window magically popping up, showing a thumbnail of the link destination. Kudos to Ajay and his neat WordPress plugin. As far as i can tell page load time hasn’t […]

Upgraded to 2.0.6 …

… via WordPress 2.0.6 DE-Edition bzw. dem dort freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestelltem inkrementellen Fix, ohne Probleme … und allen WordPress-Nutzern angeraten wegen diverser Sicherheitsupdates und Korrekturen.

Can open source make enough money to innovate?

An update to my posts on McVoy and the Mambo OS business model … noticed an interesting post that discusses the business model question again, this time citing WordPress … When you give software away, how do you make enough money to fund the laborious process of writing innovative new software? There are four answers […]