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Everything is Miscellaneous … The Power of the Digital Disorder

More on Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger at IT Conversations (mp3): In Everything Is Miscellaneous, David Weinberger charts the new principles of digital order that are remaking business, education, politics, science, and culture. In his rollicking tour of the rise of the miscellaneous, he examines a number of topics to illustrate this change. He […]

Einführung in Tagging (und Web 2.0)

In der Telepolis habe ich einen lesenswerten Überblick über den Einsatz von Tags gefunden. Ergänzend dazu dieser Eintrag bei David Weinberger und dieser ‘rant’ von Dave Winer: The Web is real. The Semantic Web is an idea and Web 2.0 is a marketing concept used by venture capitalists and conference promoters to try to call […]