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International day of protest against surveillance Oct 11

Today’s the day of international protest against undue surveillance. It is a broad movement of campaigners and organizations calling on everybody to join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses. (via Cory and BoingBoing) Surveillance mania is spreading. Governments and businesses register, monitor and control our behaviour ever more thoroughly. No matter what we […]

Lesetipp _ Tuxamoon

found via Hermann Keldenich: TUXAMOON, an independent German online magazine all things music, literature, society, environment and politics. Go, check it out, but as far as I can see only german language articles in there. Anyway, Tuxamoon was new to me, funny, yes. Seems like it’s published since 2000. But perhaps they switched their business […]

Endspurt zur Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Via Markus: Endspurt zur Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung – mitmachen, siehe das Banner rechts …

Seven things you didn’t know about me

I’ve been tagged with a little blogger meme called “Sieben Sachen”, i.e. I was propped to tell you seven things about me which you didn’t know before. This is easy as I have plenty of dark secrets that I can easily share with you. Now let’s see, start with something obvious yet rarely known … […]

Twitter on Maintenance

I like this so much better than the plumber guy