Pinboard bookmarks for February 16th

Pinboard links for February 16th, syndicated automagically:

  • The destructive desktop — Linux in trouble? | Pas un Geek en tant que tel – So if you believe in the principles behind UNIX and Open Source, please don't write software which requires any of the Gnome/KDE and DBus API. Writing X11 programs with xcb and proper RPC APIs like SUNRPC or Thrift should be more than good enough. So, please support choice and freedom by implementing programs the right way instead of the Linux/Gnome/DBus way.
  • How We Will Read: Steven Johnson – Findings Blog – How do you see reading evolving in the years to come?

    Probably the biggest change is going to come from the changed definition of what we’re reading. More and more, texts will evolve the way Wikipedia entries evolve; the idea of a finished text, where all the words have been locked down, will start to seem a little less orthodox—something you’d expect from a novel, but not from a magazine article, say. And that open-endedness will likely mean that the reader is capable of participating, adding links, commenting, suggesting new avenues for exploration, fact-checking. So we’ll have to read in an even more focused way, I suspect, knowing that we can have a say in where the text eventually goes. So there you go: ebooks and digital text are keeping us from skimming *and* forcing us to engage with the text more directly. Who would have thought it?

  • Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever – ein Knol-Artikel von Jurgen Appelo – Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever
  • informal coalitions: Self-organization and emergence as natural dynamics of organization – individual ‘actors’ are not free to do anything that they wish. They are both enabled and constrained by their ongoing interactions with everyone else. And, within these interactions, by the ways in which they collectively make sense of and act upon the ‘imprints of past conversations’ – at this time, in these circumstances, and with these people

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