BarCamp Stuttgart – real-life trumping online-life

This weekend I am “BarCamping” on my home turf, i.e. it’s BarCamp Stuttgart time. Yesterday evening we started with a geeky and joyful get-together at the Ratskeller. You won’t find many pictures of that event, I guess for obvious and sensible reasons.

Today it’s different and very productive but still I only did some tweeting so far. Bad thing, yes, but I was talking to so many people that I didn’t find time to switch on the laptop.

Anyway, others were much more productive than me, see Twemes and the usual suspects under the tag #bc0711. And yes, I will get more productive soon – i.e. next up are both Markus Heurungs session on microblogging and -sharing (yes, will be there, and my very own session on Enterprise 2.0 and organizational culture. Will post show notes on my other blog – see frogpond

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