Third-Parties ahead …

Update: TechCrunch has a link to the powerpoint eBay used in the analyst conference.

Besides that, another contribution to the eBay-Skype business model innovation idea contest … starting with the generic business model of eBay that is optimized via Skype

[…] when you have questions or need to resolve issues, you’ll be able to talk directly—but anonymously—with the seller. Sellers will either pay a per-call or a flat call-service fee to eBay.

and going on with third-party (business model) additions:

I expect third party answering and support services to emerge quickly, allowing vendors to focus on sales and fulfillment while allowing customers to obtain purchase information and technical support with live interaction.

I bet they will emerge quickly, but perhaps eBay is thinking about offering these services as well, refining further its business model … What do you think?

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