Pinboard bookmarks for February 6th

Pinboard links for February 6th, syndicated automagically:

  • We Need Copyright Reform, Not ACTA! | TorrentFreak – The internet is a great tool to alert politicians to all the dangers of this treaty, just as the internet was a tool to mobilize people against the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US. For any lobby to be effective, however, it must be fact based. Misinformed criticism helps those supporting ACTA.

    The dangers and threats of the ACTA treaty are shared by free-speech advocates and access to medicine groups alike. ACTA is seeking to deal with a number of widely differing issues, and hence does not do a good job at any of them. Additionally, there are serious concerns about the collateral damage that ACTA would cause.

  • ‘Audio Recorder’ for Linux: easily record audio streams to mp3 – But if you want – nay need – to record something from a radio station, a live web-cast performance or some other ‘audio’ event playing on your computer in Ubuntu how can you do so?

    As the name somewhat obviously spells out ‘Audio Recorder’ is a small utility for recording audio. It’s able to capture output from your soundcard, microphone, web browser – even Skype; basically if it plays through your speakers Audio Recorder can record it.

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