Pinboard bookmarks for January 22nd

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  • Weekend Project: Learning Ins and Outs of Arduino | – Arduino is an open embedded hardware and software platform designed for rapid creativity. It's both a great introduction to embedded programming and a fast track to building all kinds of cool devices like animatronics, robots, fabulous blinky things, animated clothing, games, your own little fabs… you can build what you imagine. Follow along as we learn both embedded programming and basic electronics.

    What Does Arduino Do?

    Arduino was invented by Massimo Banzi, a self-taught electronics guru who has been fascinated by electronics since childhood. Mr. Banzi had what I think of as a dream childhood: endless hours spent dissecting, studying, re-assembling things in creative ways, and testing to destruction. Mr. Banzi designed Arduino to be friendly and flexible to creative people who want to build things, rather than a rigid, overly-technical platform requiring engineering expertise.

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