Technology innovation trajectories: Two Kinds of Generativity


I think that Kevin Kelly is right on many accounts, ie. when prediciting:

“Each new unformed, hackable, potential invention is quickly refined by use, and this use makes a technology more specific, more conditional, more open to use by know-nothings. Therefore each technology eventually becomes less malleable, less powerful in undefined ways but more powerful in defined ways. It moves from the margins to the center.

The good news is that there will always be a margin where things are uncertain, ill-defined, and totally open, and even better news for hackers: the margin is constantly expanding relative to the center”

History supports this, yet I am not sure whether I agree with people who see this as an iPad supporting blogpost, one reason being the business model complexities of the iPad business ecosystem (Cory Doctorow asks for a consumer rights openness not a technology openness or geekness I think) that are designed by Apple to prevent generativity

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