reboot 10 – some first notes on openness in design

It’s a week of heavy travel and conferencing, yesterday the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 in Varese, now I’m at reboot 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Started well with a cozy welcome and “conferencing package”:

Talks started off with Howard Rheingold, then it’s Molly Wright Steenson with a talk on Responsive architecture and open society. Interesting blog she has, here I will compile some notes – I may add more links later on, this is just beta work for me – OK?

– responsive architecture (examples by Cedric Price and Joan Littlewood, nice project, sadly never got realized in the original version)

Molly showed some nice pictures of models (done with out-of-the-box prototyping material, I have to think through this, this is partly one of the attractive things about wikis, they can be used as building material when prototyping IT systems)

– adaptivity and flexibility – patterns emerged out of previous successful designs.

– cybernetic, reconfigurable and movable, e.g. for an art center, can be changed by users

– Open and closed societies – see for more Karl Popper, The Open Society and its Enemies, Criticism in a Mass Society & WH Auden

– Openness and tolerance, consciousness

– designing for delight and pleasure while giving room for doubt and distortion

– operational architecture, operated by the (israeli? US?) army

So folks, as I am getting my dose of reboot be warned that there will be light posting ahead, but I guess that’s what you’re expecting anyway when rebooting brain systems.

  1. […] – we need to teach and inform on the “dangers and pitfalls” of departmentalized knowledge management systems – rebuilding silos and all – trying to look like a worthwhile solution (drag queens, anyone?) while we need to make the walls permeable. Have hedges but tear down the brick wall … then expand on your garden design endeavours (yes, this in freely linked to the earlier responsive architecture session). […]