NGO-Camp und Free Software Camp

Stefan Evertz, den ich auf dem Barcamp München getroffen habe, plant ein NGO-Camp (“SocialCamp – ein zweiter Stein“). Konzept und Umsetzungsideen:

Die Vernetzung der Stakeholder scheint mir gerade in diesem Bereich ausbaubar. Vielleicht kann auch das Free Software Camp am 2. November in London dazu beitragen:

The Free Software Foundation Europe and M6-IT are presenting a one day event called “Free Software as a Social Innovation” at The Hub in London on the 2nd of November. The event is focused on helping NGOs learn more about Free Software

More here, via Polymorph.

  1. […] And yes, the importance of small networks and platforms to support them could also be discussed from a business model innovation perspective, well at least for “people who are interested in how Social Networks will play out“, especially in the NGO- and nonprofit-space (more on the upcoming NGO-BarCamp). […]