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Stumbled upon recently …

Like every other information professional aka knowledge worker I am coming across many interesting things during my daily ramblings on the internets. Besides tagging and social bookmarking them, I am at times forwarding them directly to colleagues and friends, pulling them together for the occasional blog post here and there, etc. Now I’ve opened up […]

Krank durch Arbeit?

Organisationspathologien aus anderer Perspektive, ein Podcast von SWR 2 Geld, Markt, Meinung “Krank durch Arbeit?” (mp3) : Immer mehr Arbeitnehmer bleiben wegen Ängsten, Depressionen oder Stresskrankheiten ihrem Arbeitsplatz fern. In den Statistiken der Krankenkassen spiegelt sich diese Entwicklung wider: Als einzige Krankheitsart nehmen seit Anfang der 90iger Jahre die psychischen Störungen zu. Tendenz: weiter steigend. […]

3er-Session @ BarCampJena

Didn’t blog that much from BarCamp Mitteldeutschland, some posts on frogpond, where I will also publish my very own wiki-session-slides, but now one highlight: Tina Pickhardt, Robert Basic und Cem Basman live on stage – interesting topic: life-work balance for web workers: “Investing in the start-up vs. investing in family time” Tina: even VCs don’t […]

The New Science of Human Capital

There’s a new HBR IdeaCast, featured guest is John Boudreau, coauthor of Beyond HR: The New Science of Human Capital, calling for an expanded role of HR, as talent is scarce and its allocation is of pivotal importance for competitive advantage and need new organizational design decisions and changed leadership. Here’s the mp3. This also […]

How to run organizations craftfully …

In BBCs GlobalBiz Peter Day talks with Richard Sennett about the role and prospect of crafts for managing organizations. Some sound quotes by craftsmen like Richard Taylor (of NZ’s Weta) are interspersed. This week’s programme explores an intriguing proposition: that craftspeople know better than most business people how organisations ought to be run. […] good […]

How to leave light blogging behind …

Not too soon, here comes part three on how to leave light blogging behind. The idea is to post such enormous amounts of good content that everybody just gets blasted away – i.e. give ’em enough material in many, huge posts, material that lasts for quite a few cold and dark winter nights, so you […]

Light blogging behind

I didn’t put out too many posts in the past few days, and while I want to adhere to unofficial blogging rule #1 (“don’t ever excuse yourself for not blogging”) I still may 1. point you to (paltry and german language explanations) at my other blog, 2. post another roundup of cross-posts and 3. try […]