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Learning from Apple …

The Economist has an interesting article on innovation at Apple, one of a million to appear in the next weeks (as the iPhone is getting ready). […] Apple has at least four important wider lessons to teach other companies. Not invented here, and very welcome. The first is that innovation can come from without as […]

Apples Erfolgsgeheimnis

Simson Garfinkel in Technology Review über Apple: “Apples Erfolgsgeheimnis“, fast eine kleine Fallstudie, u.a. mit verschiedenen Einblicken auf veränderte Strategien und Kompetenzen, neu gestaltete bzw. modifizierte Geschäftsmodelle … […] Der traditionsreiche Computerhersteller versucht der Welt gleichzeitig klar zu machen, dass er kein IT-Konzern mehr ist, sondern eine Firma, die sich dem “digitalen Lifestyle” widmet. Ein […]

Apples flops and continuous reinvention

Another thought on this: one company that is often viewed as “immune” to the Peter-principle of innovation is Apple, yet it has its very own history of flops and not getting it (which brought it to the brink more than once). Michael Urlocker notes some of them, pointing out that one can learn a lot […]

A World without DRM

At Knowledge @ Wharton there’s an interesting (interview and) podcast (“A World without DRM”) on the business model implications of Apples stance against Restrictions Management (here’s the mp3). The issue of using hardware- or software-based digital rights management, or “DRM”, to restrict how music and movies can be copied or shared has spurred fierce debate […]

Jobs’ Thoughts on Music

This may turn out to be big, Steve Jobs outlines possible scenarios for the future of music, among them to end the folly of DRM: The third alternative is to abolish DRMs entirely. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats. In such a world, any player can […]

Why Competing Successfully Is About A Lot More Than Just Copying The Technology

Starting off with Apple’s iPhone patents Techdirt notes this on business model innovation: There are plenty of things that go into being able to innovate and build a successful product — and simply copying someone else’s technology is often a small part of that (and usually not a particularly good strategy). Patent protection only protects […]

Peter Fader on the New iPhone and Matching Technology to Consumer Demand

Seems like podcast day again … huh? Read and/or listen to this podcast with Peter Fader @ Knowledge@Wharton, talking about business model implications of Apples iPhone move, product innovation and design, whether these products are delivering features that consumers really want and upcoming disruptions in the media industries, i.e. home entertainment stuff (and business model […]