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A7, Richtung Norden – jetzt

1000 Robota – Fahr Weg from MT on Vimeo. via PolkaRobot – danke für den Soundtrack zur Fahrt ans Meer. Bald mehr Meer.

Generating Chrome/ Chromium Browser Applications

So I switched back to Chrome (dev channel version) from Chromium for now – and one of the things missing is the “Create application shortcuts” menu entry. Indeed, the whole page menu got integrated into a single menu with the dev channel version. But that’s no problem, you just replace your existing application shortcut, i.e. […]

Embedding multiple waves into wordpress blogs

Documenting a lifehack / solution to a nagging problem is an important thing on the social web, right? So here I go with a workaround I found out – together with my friend Thorsten Zörner – to embed multiple waves into blog posts. Now where’s the problem? One can get an embed code for a […]

Redundancy is the hobgoblin

If you’re subscribed to the feed of this blog you know (and probably like) the delicious bookmarks that get spliced into the feedburner feed, enhancing the regular wp-rss feed that WordPress generates. The problem is that I am splicing these bookmarks also into the feed of my other (main, professional) blog – which leads to […]

(No) ROI From Social Media!

via, crossposted from posterous Haha, don’t bother me with cars/telephone/… , I am perfectly fine with my horse-carriage and whip/telex and letters/… PS. this is more of an earmarked posterous link, I am testing cross-blog-syndication πŸ˜‰

wp-o-matic – a few more days

We’re launching WP-o-Matic 2 in just a few days. Let us prove you that the wait was worth it.

OK, I can handle the wait – as long as the frog is keeping word πŸ˜‰


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Goodbye, old template

This blog got newly renovated, I did this mainly because my template of long had gathered a bit of dust (and I refrained from teaching it new tricks …). So here and for mainly nostalgic reasons a glimpse back into the past, my modified template, thanks to Chetan Kunte for Plain Vanilla: