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Music Downloads – Pirates or Customers

gefunden bei der Harvard Business School: Music Downloads: Pirates—or Customers? Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee and co-author Koleman Strumpf floored the disbelieving music industry with their findings that illegal music downloads don’t hurt CD sales. Oberholzer discusses what the industry should do next. mehr …

Pirate’s TV

Matt Mason, author of „Pirates Dilemma“ (pdf, and see here and here) has done a nice “video trailer”, promoting the core ideas (and touching on quite a lot of things, like Hollywood pirates of old …). Well, yes, easy information sharing on the internet is changing the shape of economies, so media industry must redesign […]

Pirate’s Dilemma

Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma has arranged with his publisher to release his book as a free download. He’s doing a Radiohead, i.e. readers can decide freely if and how much they want to pay him. Recommended book by the way, so go D/L and read Matt’s blog too. By treating the electronic […]

Matt Mason on The Pirate’s Dilemma

I have blogged about Matt’s book before, so this little video comes in handy, found via Nerdcore Matt Mason’s keynote on The Pirate’s Dilemma, his book on how to compete with piracy, filmed at The Medici Summit, March 3rd 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mason discusses why piracy can be an opportunity as well as a […]

Piracy as Innovation Strategy

Well, yes, here’s some more stuff on innovative business models in the media industry. I enjoyed Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change and The Generational Divide in Copyright Morality by David Pogue in the NYT. It’s all about Matt Masons new book, “The Pirate’s Dilemma: How Youth Culture is Reinventing Capitalism”, where Matt argues […]

Xbox Modding Threatens MS Business Model

Modders are threatening the business model of selling underpriced consoles and breaking even with high-cost content (i.e. games). A U.K. court has convicted a UK resident, sending a message to gamers to quit tinkering with Microsoft’s console. The man sold Xbox consoles fitted with a 200 GB hard drive and 80 pre-installed games on his […]