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Mark Johnson of Innosight: Innovation Q&A

Following up the last post, have a look at this short interview with Mark HJohnson of Innosight:Innovation Q&A. On the role of knowledge management, related systems and the importance of knowledge brokering and gardening in the innovation process: Q: Is there a formal process for tapping into the knowledge of your workforce? Mark Johnson: We […]

Podcasts on disruptive innovation, IT as differentiator, communities and more

Some english podcasts of note, collected in the last few weeks, for all of you that got a little time on their hands … For a start, Alex Osterwalder has published two more Arvetica podcasts of note (mp3), here he’s talking with Scott Anthony of Innosight, and here he’s talking with John Hagel. How cool […]

Business Model Innovation and Banking Wal-Mart-style

Via Steve Wunker c/o Innoblog: “Business Model Innovation in Wal-Mart’s approach to banking” This is an interesting case of applied business model innovation (perfectly fitted for a coming consulting and coaching assignment I am currently preparing for), that shows many traits of disruptiveness (for the banking incumbents, that is): Wal-Mart is pushing new banking offerings, […]

APQC survey on disruptive innovation

Innosight and IBM are doing an innovation survey with the APQC, interested organizations find the survey here. to help you learn how your organization’s innovation efforts compare in terms of: – product and service innovation, – operational innovation, – business model innovation, and – enablers of innovation Found via this article by Clayton Christensen in […]


This is cool, the new SAP INFO magazine has a short article by Clayton Christensen and Mark Johnson of Innosight (“Growth through Innovation”), promising to demystify business model innovation. Here’s the podcast roundup. This is interesting stuff, basicallly because they have done a number of interviews to shed light on the issue, and because they […]