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Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin

Some notes from Tim O’Reillys keynote at Web20Expo Berlin … In the future, we’re going to see contextual-sensitive applications, for e.g. on the phone. This is also the world where things think, and it will be full of (RFID-)sensors. Jaiku is hopefully going to be an integral part of Googles phone strategy. Not much new, […]

Tim O’Reilly: 3D-Drucker werden unser Leben verändern

Der zweite Teil des Interviews mit Tim O’Reilly nun bei SpOn: 3D-Drucker werden unser Leben verändern … Ja, Neil Gershenfeld war hier auch schon einmal Thema. Aber auch sonst ist der zweite Teil lesenswert, es geht eben nicht nur um Web 2.0.

The Culture of Participation

More on the idea of consumer participation … updating these posts on mass customization businesses like Zazzle post of late: Digital technology is providing people with the tools to produce and share content like never before, and it is set to throw the relationship between them and institutions into turmoil This will without doubt offer […]

Home Production in Fablabs …

Now that we’ve digitized communications and computing, says Neil Gershenfeld, who heads MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, we’re about to digitize the process of making physical things. “We’re on the edge of this digital revolution in fabrication,” he says, when individuals will be able to make fairly sophisticated products themselves using “fab labs.” At […]