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iHandcuffs und das iTunes-Geschäftsmodell

Randall Stross erklärt und enttarnt den DRM-Wahnsinn am Beispiel von Apples Fairplay: Artikel in der New York Times. Deutlich wird, dass es hier nicht mehr darum geht Musik vor dem digitalen Kopieren zu schützen, sondern um die Protektion des iTunes-Geschäftsmodells und um das Binden der Kundschaft: [W]hen the same tracks are sold by the iTunes […]

I want my iTunes subscription service!

Great post over at BusinessWeek’s Tech Beat on the business model innovation issues Apple is facing. Well put, but there is more to it: even as Apple concentrates on the sell-the-hardware-model of old, enhanced by iTMS it still needs alternative paths. This is all about strategic flexibility and adaptivity in a marketspace that is complex. […]

Apple thwarting music podcasts …

… at least those of independent music podcasters. A group of independent music podcasters says that Apple is thwarting independent music podcasters. The group announced that Apple is not publishing some of the feeds of some of its members’ podcasts at the iTunes Music Store. Well, music podcasts may hurt music sales at the iTunes […]

Rosen complains about Apple …

… at least in a hilarious, alas possibly fake, post at the Huffington Post … Most agree [the iPod] is the best quality player on the market […] The problem is that the iPod only works with either songs that you buy from the on-line Apple iTunes store or songs that you rip from your […]

Musikindustrie: Microsoft vs. Apple

Last week the opening shots were fired in the long-anticipated battle between Microsoft and Apple to gain command of the online music business. Microsoft unveiled its new beta Windows Media Player and announced the launch of a so-called built-in Digital Media Mall that offers access to online music stores such as Napster, Musicmatch, MusicNow and […]

tecCHANNEL — RealNetworks emuliert Apples DRM

tecCHANNEL: RealNetworks emuliert Apples DRM RealNetworks, das beim legalen Verkauf von Online-Musik mit Apples iTunes Music Store konkurriert, hat eine eigene Technik entwickelt, die das von Apple verwendete Digital Rights Management (DRM) ‘Fairplay’ kopiert. ‘Harmony’ emuliert dieses, so dass im RealPlayer Music Store erworbene Musik sich auch im AAC-Format auf Apple iPod übertragen lässt. mehr […]

Wired News: Huge Gaps in Europe’s ITunes

Wired News: Huge Gaps in Europe’s ITunes When it comes to music collections, size matters. Apple boasts about putting 10,000 songs in music fans’ pockets, but disgruntled British iTunes Music Store customers say Steve Jobs’ service just doesn’t measure up. Jobs last week fronted a high-profile European launch for the popular download service, but was […]