How to leave light blogging behind …

Not too soon, here comes part three on how to leave light blogging behind.

The idea is to post such enormous amounts of good content that everybody just gets blasted away – i.e. give ’em enough material in many, huge posts, material that lasts for quite a few cold and dark winter nights, so you don’t have to put out many of those posts.

You guessed it – didn’t you? I’m only joking, while this option seems attractive I am not going this way (at least not on a regular basis). Rather I am planning to do more “blogging dashes” as I will call them, where the idea is to put out some posts in a given and short amount of time. This will hold me back from over-analyzing stuff (well, I do this anyway on a regular basis, I’m a consultant you know) and I hope that it serves my personal knowledge needs for this blog better:

[evolving] over time as my knowledge work needs changed and my understanding of the opportunities and chances of the web grew. So yes, I am [still] trying to offer insights, great content and sometimes little snippets that will be of value, but they must be of value for me first. Blogging and participating is a daily learning experience for me, it’s a personal and a professional thing.

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